Digital Office Revolution

In the era of digital transformation, Tutti stands out as a full suite intelligent Document Management System (DMS) designed to revolutionize how businesses manage, store, and retrieve documents. Tutti eliminates outdated filing systems, replacing them with a sleek, efficient, and fully digital solution. By integrating seamlessly with any backend ERP system, Tutti not only organizes documents but also automates workflows across various business domains, enhancing productivity and reducing manual errors.

Revolutionizing Document Management

Tutti is more than just a DMS; it's a catalyst for creating a complete digital office. Here’s how Tutti is changing the game

Seamless ERP Integration

Tutti effortlessly connects with any ERP system, ensuring that all documents are linked directly to the relevant business processes. This integration provides a unified view of information, facilitating better decision-making and process efficiency.

Automated Document Handling

With the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Tutti automatically digitalizes and attaches business documents to their respective sources within the ERP. This automation extends to managing invoices, contracts, employee records, and more, significantly reducing the manual workload.

Intelligent Organization and Retrieval

Forget the hassle of manual filing. Tutti organizes documents intelligently, making retrieval simple and swift. Whether you need financial reports or project documentation, everything is just a few clicks away, accessible from anywhere at any time.

Key Features of Tutti:

Step into the future of office management with Tutti, where documents flow as freely as ideas.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Quickly find documents with powerful search tools that can filter by date, document type, content, and more.

Secure Document Storage

Tutti ensures that your documents are not only well-organized but also securely stored with state-of-the-art encryption and access controls.

Real-Time Collaboration

Enhance teamwork with tools that allow multiple users to view, edit, and collaborate on documents simultaneously, regardless of location.

Visuals and Infographics Suggestion

Display Tutti’s user-friendly interface that simplifies document management tasks. By digitizing your document management, Tutti not only saves space and time but also unlocks a new level of efficiency and collaboration within your organization.

Digital Office Transformation

An infographic illustrating the transition from traditional file storage to a fully digital office with Tutti.

Workflow Automation Map

A flowchart showing how Tutti automates document processing across different departments.

ERP Integration Diagram

Visualize the seamless integration of Tutti with various ERP systems, highlighting the ecosystem connectivity.

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