Technology Stack

At the core of effective software development lies a robust technology stack that can reliably support both legacy and modern systems. Our expertise spans a comprehensive array of technologies including IBM AS400 RPG, RPGLE, CL, ILE-SQL for legacy systems, and advanced tools like .NET and SQL for modern application upgrades. This blend ensures that we deliver solutions that are not only reliable but also up to date with current trends in software architecture and design.

Modernizing with System Design and Architecture, Strategic Application Upgrades

Optimizing Legacy and Modern Systems with Our Advanced Technology Stack

Updating through System Design and Architecture, Implementing Strategic Application Enhancements

Cutting-Edge System Design

We craft sophisticated system architectures that are scalable, secure, and designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of your business operations.

Application Architecture Development

Our approach involves creating detailed application designs that align with business logic and user needs, ensuring high usability and performance.

.NET Upgrades

Transition legacy applications to modern platforms using .NET, enhancing their interface, efficiency, and connectivity with other web-based services.

SQL Database Optimization

Upgrade your data management practices with SQL enhancements, improving data access, storage, and security.

Key Benefits of Our Technology Stack

With a deep understanding of both traditional and contemporary technologies, our team is uniquely equipped to handle and transform any aspect of your software infrastructure.

Enhanced Compatibility and Integration

Our technology stack allows for seamless integration between old and new software elements, ensuring smooth interoperability and data consistency.

Future-Proof Solutions

By upgrading legacy systems and incorporating modern architectures, we prepare your business for future technological advancements.

Increased System Efficiency and Security

Modernize and secure your IT infrastructure to meet contemporary security standards and operational requirements.

Comprehensive Legacy System Management

Leveraging Proven Technologies for Robust Software Solutions

IBM AS400 Expertise

Our team excels in utilizing IBM AS400’s high-level programming languages such as RPG, RPGLE, and CL, ensuring your legacy systems run smoothly and continue to deliver value.

Advanced ILE-SQL Applications

We integrate SQL capabilities with ILE (Integrated Language Environment) to enhance database management and reporting functions, bringing modern database practices to robust legacy systems.

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